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American Beauty - Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

  • Jennifer Kostuik Gallery 1070 Homer St Vancouver, BC, V6B Canada (map)

Opening Thursday, September 25th, 6-9pm
Phillip Jarmain will speak about his personal and artistic journey in creating this series, 7pm
Exhibition continues to October 19th

A companion book will feature historical and architectural information on each photograph.
This hardcover publication is available through the gallery 

This exhibition presents 19 large format photographic works of Vancouver photographer, Philip Jarmain. Since 2010 Jarmain has been documenting the increasingly rapid destruction of Detroit’s early twentieth-century buildings. His emphasis in this work is on the architecture itself of these vanishing edifices: The form and the detail. The city of Detroit has had an unprecedented impact on the industrial age and the modern world. Once called “The Paris of the Midwest,” it was a city driven by innovation and craftsmanship. The architecture of Detroit in the early 1900s rivaled that of New York, Chicago, or Paris. Then came the Great Depression of the 1930s. Though Detroit would rise again, the era of opulence was over. The majority of these majestic Pre-Depression buildings are presently being destroyed at an exponential rate as they lie victim to scrappers, arson, and demolition. The story is personal for the artist, from family roots and cultural cross-overs and poetically beautiful in presentation.

“Jarmain's pictures hit like dispiriting blows against which even denial and victim blaming serve as pitiable defenses. They leave us wondering whether to feel sorry for others or for ourselves, which at best might blur the lines of moral exclusion we like to draw. San Francisco Chronicle”, Kenneth Baker 2013